From (Feb 5, 2009) - Nel03 wrote:
"My family stayed at Tulemar in the Mot Mot villa last July (I wrote a review much earlier, but it wouldn't upload my photos that night and then I spaced it for months). I am a travel consultant so I choose 2 places in MA to give me a better understanding of the price differences in the area...Tulemar and Posada jungle.

I booked Villa Mot Mot through VRBO and we could not have been happier with the room. The villa comes with a person to help if you have any issues or questions...Diego took us shopping to get groceries and drove us around to show us the great places to eat.
The villa was beautiful and spacious (2 adults and 2 kids) and had such a wonderful view of the water and wildlife every day. We had so many animals using our deck as a bridge from one place to another: Monkeys, a sloth, coati, many lizards. My kids loved to just hang out on the deck and watch every morning when the monkeys came through and played on the rooftops of the rooms all around.

The private beach was the best! You can walk there in 15 minutes, which we did every day because there was always some new mammal, bird or insect to spot along the way. There is also a shuttle that will bring you up and down to the beach if you do not want to is a little steep in areas. The beach has boogie boards and kayaks to use for free and snacks/drinks available.

The restaurant has a great included breakfast...we all loved the gallo pinto, eggs and fresh fruit. Alan served us every morning and he was such a great guy...teaching my kids some spanish and helping them get thier food. We only ate dinner there on our first night and it was a bit expensive and slow for small kids, but there are so many restaurant options around to choose from. It rained almost every night, so we usually ate dinner on the deck watching the down-pour and went out to restaurants for lunch. we loved cafe Malano and the tapas bar right next to tulemar.

I also looked into Buena vista, which is connected to Tulemar, but was so put off by the rudeness of a woman that was answering my emails and by how much more $ they were for the same property. I checked out Buena vista when I was there and was sooo glad I chose Mot Mot instead...just as luxurious for less $ and the owner was wondereful (on VRBO).
I loved Manuel Antonio and Villa Mot MOt!"

Margaret Bailey - (7/28/2008)
"Just a quick hello to let you know that we enjoyed our stay in Mot Mot immensely. We had monkies(squirrel and capuchin) daily and really enjoyed them We spent many hours on the verandah visiting, sipping wine and just plain relaxing and enjoying the scenery and wild life . I love what you did 0Awith the villa when you redecorated. We had dinner twice outside on the verandah. It was so comfortable and we got so lazy , we did not want to go through the effort to move. We just phoned for room service and ordered from the Tule Café.We loved everything we ordered. You were right about the new chef. Breakfasts were terrific also. The weather was great while we were there. The rain usually held off until around 4pm. During the day it w as sunny in the am and overcast in the pm(which was good because it was cooler when overcast) The rains cooled things down a lot more and it was wonderful just hanging on the verandah and listening to the rain. 
Diego was terrific. He was there to greet us when we arrived and took us through the Villa giving us instructions and information. We had a problem with one of the showers(only had cold water) and he was there within minutes and corrected the problem. He came by one afternoon to check with the maid and I was there enjoying the hammock. He and I visited for awhile and he was a fountain of knowledge regarding my questions and his recommendations. The rest of the staff was very helpful and pleasant as well. Michael at the front desk was always courteous and eager to help however he could and David down at the beach was eager to practice his English with us and we practiced our Spanish with him. 
Needless to say the eight days went by in a heartbeat. I am eager to return again next summer and will be in touch.Thank you for providing such a wonderful paradise and for taking so much time to add the personal touches that truly made it seem like home if even for just 8 days. Thanks again. Have a great day :) "